Drone-based Solutions for the Public Safety Industry

The need for public safety and emergency response is constantly evolving. The rapidly shifting realities of public safety operations make organizational preparedness an essential element in successful delivery.

Drone Services have been used across a variety of industries, leveraging the technological capability to save time and money. For first responders, however, the stakes are higher. Public safety agencies leverage drone technology to save lives – taking a proactive approach to managing everyday operations, public events, and emergency situations.

As drones have become more integrated into public safety and emergency response, new use cases have continually surfaced. From supporting emergency response for floods and wildfires to routine public safety operations, drones provide significant benefits for first responders.

At AltoMaxx, we work across all segments of public safety and emergency response. Our work – developing drone programs and providing professional drone services – helps support our clients response to the ever-changing realities of public safety.

Drone Applications

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We approach every project as a partnership. It’s our goal to develop solutions that directly meet the challenges of our clients operations. We achieve this by working alongside our clients to deliver tailored drone services that leverage the incredible potential of drone technology. Let’s talk.

Our Partnership with BRINC

AltoMaxx Technologies has an exclusive strategic partnership with BRINC Drones to provide the first purpose-built professional tool for public safety in Canada. BRINC is an American company focused on building tactical robots that use drone technology to make the world a safer place.

Through this partnership, Altomaxx can provide the Canadian public safety industry with access to a reliable tactical tool that can save time and lives.

AI/Utility Inspection

Understanding the physical condition of assets is critical to the efficient and effective delivery of your operations. 

Drone services like asset inspections allow power utilities to inspect areas that are otherwise hard to reach. This enables safe and efficient maintenance programs, avoiding costly outages, and meeting the demands of regulators and clients.

Technologies used in the delivery of our inspection services include: 

Survey,Mapping,aand Modelling

Understanding your site is critical to delivering your project. Drone Services provide an aerial advantage. 

From the development of a new facility, to maintenance of existing assets, and logging geospatial data. Our experts understand what it takes to deliver fast, reliable, and efficient modelling services. 

Technologies used in the delivery of our Survey, Mapping, and Modelling services include: 

Vegetation Management

Vegetation growth along transmission right-of-way’s represent a significant hazard for operations, and often a root cause of power failures. 

Mitigating these risks is a major challenge for power utilities. Repairs following an incident can be expensive, while compliance programs to maintain regulations present both operational risks to staff and costly terrestrial programs. 

Drone services allow clients to quickly and efficiently map power line corridors, creating accurate 2D and 3D models. 

These models measure the distance between vegetation and power lines, helping to maintain a safe clearance distance and maintenance.

Technologies used in the delivery of our Vegetation Management services include: 

Boiler/Stack Inspection

Drones are compact and flexible, able to fly into boilers and stacks for a full scan without shutdowns or endangering inspection workers. The live footage helps identify risks for informed decision-making. 

Our drones are equipped with advanced obstacle sensing systems, spotlights, and thermal cameras. Allowing for reliable deployment for internal inspections to detect defects.

Technologies used in the delivery of our Stack Inspection services include: 


Solar Farm Inspection

Solar farm management costs power utilities an estimated $1 billion per year in labor costs. In order to avoid unnecessary and unexpected costs, routine inspections are important to ensure everything is in proper working order. 

While these inspections are a critical element of operational efficiency, they can be both hazardous and tedious. Drone services can help you detect hot spots instantly – transforming a half-day job into minutes. 

Technologies used in the delivery of our inspection services include: