AltoMaxx and Dymond Group Partnership
AltoMaxx Technologies is proud to announce their partnership with the Dymond Group of Companies to realize the full potential, and scale, of drone technology. The partnership will involve the Newfoundland-based AltoMaxx providing drone-based services to the Dymond Group and its array of international clients.

The first joint project between AltoMaxx and Dymond Group will be the redevelopment of the Stephenville Dymond International Airport. AltoMaxx will be conducting drone-based surveys, mapping, and modelling of the property during the planning stages of the project. Using drone-mounted sensors (Ground Penetrating Radar, Photogrammetry, LiDAR, Thermal Imaging, etc.) AltoMaxx will survey and map all visible and underground infrastructure present at the former American Air Force base. This data will produce a detailed model of the property that will guide rejuvenation of the international airport, and development of a drone manufacturing facility.

We at the Dymond Group of Companies are thrilled to partner with AltoMaxx who will play an integral role in our development of the Stephenville Dymond International Airport property.

This partnership will be essential in ensuring the structural integrity and compliance of our infrastructure and land development, contributing to the lasting success of our initiative.

Carl Dymond

Owner, Dymond Group of Companies

The redevelopment of the Stephenville Dymond International Airport is just the first step in the Dymond Group’s aggressive expansion into the aerospace industry – with its sights set on full penetration of the drone market. Dymond, recognizing locally-headquartered company AltoMaxx as a leading-edge drone service provider, initiated a partnership that will benefit their company – and their clients.

Chosen for its wide-range of technical capabilities, proven surveying methods, and robust operational procedures, AltoMaxx will provide the very best drone-services to Dymond Group clients. The partnership means exciting new projects and expanded access to global clients for AltoMaxx.

AltoMaxx Technologies and the Dymond Group of Companies share a deep commitment in developing and delivering best-in-class drone solutions.

The future of the drone industry is rooted in collaboration, innovation, and agility, all of which are represented in this partnership.

Rodney Codner

Director of Global Initiatives, AltoMaxx Technologies

Together, the two companies will harness the full scale of drone technology, with AltoMaxx utilizing commercial drones to provide industrial services, and Dymond Group manufacturing large drones suitable for autonomous shipping and transportation. This development makes Newfoundland and Labrador an important and innovative hub within the drone industry. 

AltoMaxx Technologies

AltoMaxx Technologies is a leading-edge drone-service provider, offering inspection services, integrated solutions, and capacity building within the Power Utility, Public Safety, and Oil and Gas industries. AltoMaxx drives the drone industry forward with its team of world-class technical experts, dedication to continuous improvement, and unwavering commitment to its clients. Headquartered in St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador – with five offices throughout Canada and the United States – AltoMaxx serves an international client-base, deploying drone technologies in projects around the world.  

The Dymond Group of Companies

The Dymond Group of Companies is a Canadian, Veteran-owned, Indigenous-partnered business focused on providing advanced, sustainable solutions in order to maximize both our partners’ and clients’ safety and security. Today, Dymond is one of the most diverse solution providers in cybersecurity, aerospace, intelligence and risk management services. We address our customers’ most complex challenges wherever they are needed around the globe.