Fugitive Emissions Management

The Oil & Gas, Energy, Industrial, and Government sectors are all under increasing pressure and public scrutiny to reduce methane emissions that impact ambient air quality and contribute to climate change.

Most methane emissions result from leaks or irregular releases from pressurized containment and are difficult to detect. Individually, these small leaks do not pose an immediate impact to human health or the environment. However, rapidly expanding industrial activity means that fugitive emissions now account for a measurable amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

In response, governments across the globe have made fugitive emissions management and regulation a priority – with a specific focus on the identification, quantification, and reduction of methane emissions.

The Oil and Gas industry has seen the development or amendment of various federal and provincial regulations in recent years. Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 and the development of the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 60 requirements have place increased pressure on the industry. Oil and Gas companies have struggled to adapt, as options for reliable, accurate, and cost-effective compliance were not available through traditional means.

A true option is now available curtesy of technological innovation. Utilizing a drone-based methane sensor, AltoMaxx has revolutionized the speed and efficiency of methane leak identification. With quantification capabilities and data management options, AltoMaxx offers a truly end-to-end solution for fugitive emissions management. Through AltoMaxx drone services, Oil and Gas companies can efficiently complete annual or tri-annual surveys, adhere to reporting requirements, and achieve regulatory compliance.



Drone Methane Detection for Emissions Management

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Drone Methane Detection for Emissions Management

Learn how drone methane surveys are conducted and discover how drone technology can improve the management of fugitive emissions at your facility.


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