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ISO 21384-3: The Journey To Certification


 DATE: Tuesday, April 30th, 2024


With the arrival of accredited certification services for the drone industry, there is now a verified means of recognizing compliance to the ISO 21384-3 standard of excellence. The introduction of ISO Certification is shifting the industry landscape, impacting not only drone operators but clients, manufacturers, regulatory bodies, and other stakeholders.

In this webinar, Steve Priestley and Maria Savage of AltoMaxx Technologies will share their expertise surrounding ISO 21384-3 and Omar Husain from AVSS – Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc. will highlight their journey to certification.

Attendees will be introduced to the 21384-3 standard, discover its impact on the drone industry, learn the importance, significance, and value of accredited certification, and receive an outline of the requirements for ISO Certification.

If you are involved in drone technology, whether it is as an operator, manufacturer, innovator, regulator, adopter, or service provider, we strongly encourage you to attend this webinar.

  • ISO 21384-3: An Overview
  • ISO Certification: The Importance, Significance and Value
  • Behind The Certification Body
  • Certification Requirements
  • Omar/AVSS’s Journey to Certification
  • Q&A

Hyun Choi - Director of Program Development - AltoMaxx

Steve Priestley

Chief Operations Officer
AltoMaxx Technologies

Maria Savage - Manager of Training and Compliance - AltoMaxx

Maria Savage

Manager of Training and Compliance
AltoMaxx Technologies

Omar Husain

Integration Engineering
AVSS – Aerial Vehicle Safety Solutions Inc.


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AltoMaxx Technologies was founded as a drone service provider in 2018, offering data acquisition, integrated solutions, and capacity building to an international client-base. Since then, AltoMaxx has emerged as an industry leader, driving the drone industry forward with its team of world-class technical experts, dedication to continuous improvement, and unwavering commitment to its clients. 

AltoMaxx has established a division to serve as an independent, internationally accredited Certification Body (CB) catering to the certification needs of the drone industry. AltoMaxx is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for ISO 17065:2012 – Conformity Assessment — Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, Processes and Services. AltoMaxx is now combining its knowledge of drone operations with its verified assessment capabilities to offer accredited certification services for ISO 21384-3:2019 Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Part 3: Operational Procedures.

Thanks for your interest in ISO 21384-3!

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Viewers will be introduced to the 21384-3 standard, discover its impact on the drone industry, learn the importance, significance, and value of accredited certification, and receive an outline of the ISO Certification process.

Bonus Material

Included in the complete webinar package
ISO 21384-3 Webinar Slide Deck

Presentation Slides

A simple, visual overview of key webinar content. You can use this document to reference important information, or to refresh your understanding of ISO 21384-3 and the ISO certification process.
ISO 21384-3 Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet

Contains background information and facts on ISO and the 21384-3 standard. Use the helpful links to find additional information, or to explore organizations and bodies related to the standard.

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AI/Utility Inspection

Understanding the physical condition of assets is critical to the efficient and effective delivery of your operations.

Drone services like asset inspections allow power utilities to inspect areas that are otherwise hard to reach. This enables safe and efficient maintenance programs, avoiding costly outages, and meeting the demands of regulators and clients.

Technologies used in the delivery of our inspection services include: 

Survey,Mapping,aand Modelling

Understanding your site is critical to delivering your project. Drone Services provide an aerial advantage.

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Vegetation Management

Vegetation growth along transmission right-of-way’s represent a significant hazard for operations, and often a root cause of power failures.

Mitigating these risks is a major challenge for power utilities. Repairs following an incident can be expensive, while compliance programs to maintain regulations present both operational risks to staff and costly terrestrial programs.

Drone services allow clients to quickly and efficiently map power line corridors, creating accurate 2D and 3D models.

These models measure the distance between vegetation and power lines, helping to maintain a safe clearance distance and maintenance.

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Boiler/Stack Inspection

Drones are compact and flexible, able to fly into boilers and stacks for a full scan without shutdowns or endangering inspection workers. The live footage helps identify risks for informed decision-making.

Our drones are equipped with advanced obstacle sensing systems, spotlights, and thermal cameras. Allowing for reliable deployment for internal inspections to detect defects.

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Solar farm management costs power utilities an estimated $1 billion per year in labor costs. In order to avoid unnecessary and unexpected costs, routine inspections are important to ensure everything is in proper working order.

While these inspections are a critical element of operational efficiency, they can be both hazardous and tedious. Drone services can help you detect hot spots instantly – transforming a half-day job into minutes.

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