Drone Safety Systems

While drone failures resulting in a crash are rare, the results and potential consequences can be catastrophic for both operators and the public. Integrated parachutes are some of the best existing solutions in the market to reduce or avoid potential damage and injury by drone crashes or failures. 

By reducing the terminal velocity of the falling drones, operators can reduce the risk of injury to people and property while also providing an opportunity for the safe recovery of the drone following the incident.

Depending on your Country’s regulations or your organization’s requirements, drones may need parachutes in certain situations, such as flights in urban areas or when flying directly over people. Currently, regulations in Canada and the United States by Transport Canada and the FAA do not require RPAS systems to carry an onboard parachute system. However, many organizations developing drone programs or procuring drone services cite them as a requirement for the safe operation of the services they require.

The current market for drone safety systems includes a small number of highly qualified manufacturers. With our Multiple Partnerships, we can supply Safety Systems for almost any drone.

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