AltoMaxx Technologies is now bringing its world-class drone services and solutions to the Middle East and Africa.

From its office in Abu Dhabi, UAE, AltoMaxx is uniquely positioned to support the exponential economic growth in the region. AltoMaxx’s innovative drone technology, artificial intelligence platforms, proven inspection techniques, and global experience make it the leading drone services supplier in the Middle East.

AltoMaxx has drone solutions to support all stages of development, from pre-construction, to operation, to decommissioning. With considerable experience with both onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities, critical infrastructure inspections, and complex construction projects, the company has the expertise necessary to work in many key sectors.

Drone services offered by AltoMaxx include fugitive emissions management, confined space inspections, ground penetrating radar, bathymetry, magnetometry, LiDAR, photogrammetry, and thermal imaging.

Find out why the top companies in the Middle East and Africa are choosing AltoMaxx as their drone services provider:

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