Drone-based Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Computer Vision

Drone-based data collection has driven innovation across a wide range of industries – providing new possibilities for the speed, accuracy, and reliability of operations. But that data is only as good as the insights it provides.

Our experts have the technical and industry knowledge required to transform data into actionable insights to support your operations – whatever the industry.

A key part of our expert tools available to our clients is our capability in drone-based AI/Computer Vision. Computer vision is a field of artificial intelligence that trains computers to interpret and understand the visual world. Machines can accurately identify and locate objects then react to what they “see” using digital images from cameras, videos, and deep learning models.

As models evolve, and better resources become available to train them, the potential of computer visioning holds the capability to bypass experts ability to recognize, classify, and detect information provided by images and video.

In short, our integrated drone-based AI inspection software can learn the critical features of your operations and streamline your maintenance operations.

How Can AltoMaxx Help?

We approach every project as a partnership. It’s our goal to develop solutions that directly meet the challenges of our clients operations. We achieve this by working alongside our clients to deliver tailored drone services that leverage the incredible potential of drone technology. Let’s talk.

Our Partnership with Buzz Solutions

AltoMaxx Technologies has an exclusive strategic partnership with Buzz Solutions to deliver the only true end-to-end solutions for data acquisition and AI capability.

Buzz Solutions is an industry-leading provider of AI-powered Software and Predictive Analytics.

Recently, Both Buzz Solution co-founders were featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list, and are currently tops 3 finalists in EPRI’s Incubatenergy Labs Challenge 2021.