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AltoMaxx Technologies is excited to announce that internationally accredited certification services are now available for the drone industry. AltoMaxx received accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) on February 15th 2022, becoming an independent Certification Body (CB) for ISO 21384-3:2019 Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Part 3: Operational Procedures. AltoMaxx Technologies works to harness drone technology and lead industry advancement – goals the company can ­­now further realize by offering compliance recognition for the ISO 21384-3 standard.

The publication of ISO 21384-3 in 2019 was a game changer for the drone industry. Drones, also known as Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), are a technological innovation that has seen rapid advancement in hardware, software, applications, and regulations since being introduced. For years drones operated in uncharted territory, with no recognized standards to guide them. The release of ISO 21384-3 established internationally agreed upon standards for safe and optimal drone operations, providing an industry-wide benchmark to strive for. After its publication, the standard remained as a set of guidelines, waiting for an accredited organization to emerge with the expertise needed to assess drone operational procedures.

AltoMaxx Technologies identified the certification gap in the drone industry and recognized that access to ISO certification services would raise standards and expectations for all commercial drone operations. Empowered by a mission to advance the industry, AltoMaxx saw ISO Certification Services as a logical addition to its business offerings.

“AltoMaxx can offer top tier certification services because we have the experience and reputation as an industry-leading drone service provider to back us up. We have incorporated ISO 21384-3 into our own drone operations for years, giving us special insight into the standard. This will benefit our certification clients because AltoMaxx has experienced the benefits of compliance and understands the various implementation options and methods to prove competency.”
Steve Priestley

Chief Operating Officer, AltoMaxx Technologies

Becoming a Certification Body involved a lengthy, but rewarding process that concluded on February 15th, 2022 when AltoMaxx received accreditation from the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), signifying it could now offer ISO certification services to drone operators around the world.
“Launching ISO 21384-3 certification services is an exciting outcome for AltoMaxx Technologies. We started the company back in 2018, so we have had a front row seat to the development of policies and procedures in the industry. By offering ISO certification, AltoMaxx will be playing an important role in setting expectations for the industry and raising the standard of excellence for drone operations.”
Christopher Haley

Chief Executive Officer, AltoMaxx Technologies

AltoMaxx Technologies

AltoMaxx Technologies was founded as a drone service provider in 2018, offering data acquisition, integrated solutions, and capacity building to an international client-base. Since then, AltoMaxx has emerged as an industry leader, driving the drone industry forward with its team of world-class technical experts, dedication to continuous improvement, and unwavering commitment to its clients.

AltoMaxx has established a division to serve as an independent, internationally accredited Certification Body (CB) catering to the certification needs of the drone industry. AltoMaxx is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada (SCC) for ISO 17065:2012 – Conformity Assessment — Requirements for Bodies Certifying Products, Processes and Services. AltoMaxx is now combining its knowledge of drone operations with its verified assessment capabilities to offer accredited certification services for ISO 21384-3:2019 Unmanned Aircraft Systems – Part 3: Operational Procedures.

International Standards Organization (ISO)

ISO is an independent, non-governmental organization that brings together members from 167 national standards bodies to develop internationally agreed upon standards that foster global innovation.

While ISO develops International Standards, it does not offer certification services. Instead, ISO maintains a global network of national standards bodies who represent ISO in their country and accredit entities to provide certification services. The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) provides accreditation to Certification Bodies (CBs) in Canada, which is recognized internationally by members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

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