AltoMaxx at NGIF ETC
AltoMaxx Technologies has been selected to participate in the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre (ETC) program to validate its drone-based Fugitive Emissions Management solution. The controlled field environment offered by the Emissions Testing Centre will allow AltoMaxx to refine its methane surveying methods and evaluate the accuracy of drone-based leak detection and quantification data.
“The NGIF ETC is a very valuable tool for companies like ourselves who are trying to bring new technologies to this ever-changing field. The data that we gather at this facility will not only help us get a better baseline for our equipment, but it will help solve the global issue of Methane releases by offering an excellent and unique solution.”
Christopher Haley

Chief Executive Officer, AltoMaxx Technologies

You can read the full press release from the NGIF Emissions Testing Centre at the following link: