AltoMaxx Confined Space Inspections use the latest drone technology to quickly capture high quality data about critical assets while minimizing safety risks and reducing project disruptions.

Our drone solution can enter confined spaces and operate in industrial settings that often present considerable risks to human inspectors. Using drones prevents worker exposure to dangerous gases and situations, eliminates disruptive rope access and scaffolding requirements, and reduces project shutdowns and expenses.

AltoMaxx confined space drones are capable of recording 4k video for visual inspections, collecting photogrammetry data to produce 3D models, and using thermal imaging to identify insulation defects and hot spots.

Our confined space inspection solution allows our clients to inspect and manage their assets in a manner that is safer, faster, and more cost effective than traditional methods.

AltoMaxx is a DNVGL Approved Service Supplier for surveys using Remote Inspection Techniques (RIT). We deploy confined space drones in a large range of settings, from industrial and factory sites to marine and offshore oil and gas projects, and inspect assets including ballast tanks, cargo tanks, flare stacks, and wastewater systems.

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